Diesel Fault Diagnosis

Fault Diagnosis

Are you experiencing starting/running problems?

Whatever problem you have with your diesel vehicle, Battery Centre Limited is well equipped to diagnose the fault and provide the most cost effective solution. In addition to conventional vehicle workshops we have the special diesel fuel system facilities needed to test and repair modern diesel systems. Not many have the equipment, the expertise, or the experience to offer this service.

We can help with:

  • Non or poor starting problems (engine cold or hot)
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Smoke from the exhaust (blue, black, grey or white)
  • Loss of power or generally down on performance
  • General diesel engine services, maintenance and repairs
  • Diesel fuel pump testing, calibration & replacement
  • Injector testing, service & replacement
  • Petrol contamination

Specialist Diesel Vehicle Workshop

Diesel engines have changed the make-up of the modern vehicle parc in the UK, with more than 50% of new registrations being diesel powered. Recent years have seen significant technological advancement (in particular Common Rail) driven by then need for greater fuel efficiency, lower emissions, and quieter and better performance.

With developments in diesel fuel injection technology meaning that the majority of the system’s control is down to the ECU, proper fault diagnosis is sometimes only possible if an engineer has the whole vehicle to work on. This is why we’ve invested in our state-of-the-art diesel workshop, enabling us to offer the highest level of diesel fuel injection expertise to local motorists, garages and commercial vehicle operators.

Endorsed by 3 major OE brand including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, we have direct access to the leading manufacturers, including their technical updates, official repair programmes and spare parts. Our local customers therefore benefit from having a specialist wholesaler nearby, plus a fast and efficient diesel fuel injection workshop service.

Diesel expertise for Garages

Our team of experienced engineers can advise on the majority of diesel systems, and this specialism makes us the ideal outsourced experts to support local garages. Whether it’s because you’ve come up against an unusual fault you can’t get to the bottom of, or simply that you’d rather contract out this type of work in order to focus on your teams strengths (which means a faster turnaround and therefore a more profitable business) were the perfect diesel fuel injection partner.

Diesel services for Motorists

For diesel advice that you can trust, our technicians take some beating – they’re always happy to help, and are first-rate at explaining both diesel problems and the measures that need to be taken in order to fix them – you’ll always find our customers service reassuringly friendly and transparent.


Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

As emission standards become more rigorous, soot particles generated during the combustion process must be controlled and reduced.

The future Euro 6 Regulation calls for a particle matter not only to be measured, but also counted for all new production passenger diesel vehicles.

Tech Talk

The DPF filter is produced from silicon carbide, and is durable to allow for multiple regeneration cycles, critical to the longevity of green performing diesel engines. Some DPF filters also feature a wash coat of precious metals to support and assist in the regeneration process. The DPF filter construction is designed with channels that are closed at opposite ends, however the cell walls are porous and allow the gasses to permeate the cell walls whilst retaining the solid soot matter in the filter/trap. When the sensors in the DPF register a drop in pressure, the ECU activates a regeneration cycle burning away the soot collected on the filter cell walls.

Diagnostic and Service Solution

Our knowledge of Diesel Technologies gives us the ability to diagnose and service these systems.

Forced regeneration is critical if a vehicle’s DPF system is blocked due to urban drive cycles. Many passenger vehicles do not achieve the required system temperature during normal operation to enable automatic regeneration.

A blocked system scenario usually results in a check engine light on dashboard. Our diesel trained diesel technicians can with our diagnostic tools enable the forced regeneration process (engine temperature, speed and load required) whilst monitoring dynamic data of the fuel system as ant malfunctions with the system will affect the DPF performance.

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